E-mea-tion-al |i’meatSHenel|


  • of or relating to a person’s emotions when experiencing delicious meat: This burger is making me emotional.
  • arousing or characterized be intense feeling: an emeational meal
  • (of a person) having feelings that are easily excited and openly displayed: he was emeational during our dinner. 

This beautiful word I have created came to me while gnawing on a perfectly roasted pork knuckle on a patio during a cool summer evening in Mainz, Germany. Also present: my brother Mark and our cousin Ryan, who were having the same reaction and experience I was that prompted me to put my feelings into words as they applied to the meat. Now you will no longer be stuck without the adjective the next time you’re eating meat that simply takes your breath away. You’re welcome.


Desserts Forever

How can you choose just one? They're small, right??

How can you choose just one? They’re small, right??


Loblaw does such a good job of beautifully displaying its pastries and tarts in the bakery section of its new store concept. Since overhauling the interior design of the entire store I have spent more time (and money) at Loblaw than any other retail store. (Disclaimer: this also includes Joe Fresh). Grocery shopping is my favourite kind of shopping – no word of a lie. I just hate pushing the cart!

But more important than the look of these babes, they taste great too! I brought a box of these tarts to an impromptu BBQ the other day and they were a hit. They would have been the star of the show had it not been for the 20 oz Tomahawk steaks that were grilled up! Yum! The portion sizes are perfect to satisfy a sweet craving without leaving everyone feeling too full. And they’re also great for sharing as they’re big enough to be cut in half for two to enjoy.

My favourites are the Caramel Crunch and the Pumpkin tart!

Psst: I’m a Sweet Toother for life! More posts on desserts to come!

Welcome to Mouth Surprises!

This is my first attempt at blogging. I’ve never done it before and, I have to admit, I’m a little nervous!

Why am I blogging?

I don’t like to think of myself as a ‘band wagon’ kind of girl but I have to acknowledge that, yes, EVERYONE and their mother has a blog these days. It’s important to note that I’ve been considering starting a blog for about, oh, four years now.  Trust me, that’s hard to admit but obviously my only excuse is pointless procrastination. (And maybe a little bit of fear too). But here I am FINALLY.

So, what exactly is Mouth Surprises all about?

Before I get into that, I have to give title credit to a certain handsome devil who will no doubt be mentioned again in future posts. He delights me with delicious mouth surprises because he (among others who know me well) understands how much I love food. Simple put, Mouth Surprises is all about the food adventures I get to experience.  I know everyone loves food but I REALLY love food.  I love cooking it, I love tasting it, I love sharing it, I love what I can learn from food and what I can learn about myself from experiencing food.  I decided that I needed an outlet for sharing these experiences and by doing so I hope to build up a community of food lovers that I too can learn from in exchange for offering up my experiences.  I hope if you’re reading this you too love food just as much as I do.  And, if not, I hope my experiences will help you think about food in a new way and will help open your mouth and your mind!

So, thank you for reading this and I hope you come along with me on my magical food adventures. More posts to come, promise!

With all my love and truly yours,